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Published: 19/06/2019

What Does No Deal Brexit Mean For Fleets?

Irrespective of your which side of the divide you are on; Brexit hasn’t been an easy ride for fleet owners.   Before we’ve even left we’ve seen turmoil in the car industry, fluctuations in financial markets cause fleet insurance quotes to rise and fall and speculation on everything from the future of emissions to vehicle excise duty rates.  

With the prospects of a no-deal exit on the rise as the 31st October draws closer – something given real impetus by Boris Johnson’s strong showing in the preliminary rounds of the Tory leadership election – what could a no deal Brexit mean for vehicle fleets? 

In this latest blog from Getaquoteinsurance, the fleet insurance specialists – we look at the numbers and the evidence behind the partisan shouts to see what life could be like in a post Brexit world.

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Published: 12/03/2019

What The Spring Statement 2019 Means For Fleets

Traditionally the Spring Statement is not something that fleet owners and company cars drivers look forward to.  Within the Chancellor’s red case are often unwelcome and costly changes such as in increase in fuel duty, a change to the Ogden Rate, a rise in insurance premium tax (IPT) which will lead to high fleet insurance quotes, or a hike in vehicle excise duty (VED).  Happily, this year there may be less to worry about.  Brexit is taking up pretty much all of the government’s time and with a £15bn tax surplus he could, in theory at least, look to give drivers some much-needed relief. 

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