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Published: 05/02/2019

Are Electric Vehicles The Only Way Forward For Fleets?

Are Electric Vehicles The Only Way Forward For Fleets?

The calls for fleet owners to switch to cleaner vehicles has become almost constant in the past 12 months.  With pressure mounting on both local and central government to clean up their air act and car buyers continuing to desert diesels in droves, drivers are increasingly looking for cleaner, greener fleets.  Up to now most attention has been focused on electric fleets, but are there alternatives to this accepted fuel solution? 

 In this latest blog from getaquoteinsurance – the UK’s leading provider of affordable fleet insurance cover – we’ll take a look at some other potential fuels of the future.

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Published: 18/12/2018

How To Switch To An Electric Vehicle Fleet in 2019

Switch To An Electric Vehicle Fleet in 2019 – A Five Step Plan

2018 will probably be remembered as the year that the electric vehicles came under serious consideration by fleet owners.  Electric cars have rarely been far from the news in the past year and are increasingly being taken as a viable alternative to diesels.  Advances in technology, the introduction of clean air zones, improvements in vehicle ranges and spiralling fuel prices have all lead to a surge in electric vehicle sales.  

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Published: 07/12/2018

Vehicle Fleets: How To Reduce Running Costs In 2019

Vehicle Fleets: How To Reduce Your Running Costs

2018 hasn’t been the easiest year to be a fleet manager. Fleet insurance quotes have risen owing to the changes in the Ogden Rate and rises in Insurance Premium Tax, the use of diesel vehicles have become more and more problematic with many hailing the death of diesel cars and fuel prices are back on the rise thanks to the fall in Sterling following last year’s Brexit vote. Yes, things are tough out there and with many predicting hikes in fuel duty come the Budget and with the electric fleets still just a nice idea for many, things look set to remain difficult.

Saving money on all aspects of running your fleet – be it saving on fleet insurance cover or saving on fuel costs – has never been more important. And to help you do just that, here’s our 2019 guide to reducing your fleet costs and keeping your vehicles where they belong: on the road.

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Published: 03/10/2018

Self-Driving Fleet Cars: Coming Soon?

Self-Driving Fleets: Are They The Future?

Having looked at electric fleets it seemed only logical to look at the other big thing in fleets at the moment, self-driving fleets. Self-driving or autonomous cars have gone from pipedream to reality in an astonishingly short space of time. The first attempts at driverless cars came in the 1920s with radio-controlled versions, but it has only really been since the early 2000s with the US military’s investment in driverless car research and later in 2009 with Google’s unveiling of their first autonomous cars that progress has accelerated.

The latest development has been taxi firm Uber’s launch of a fleet of autonomous taxis in Pittsburgh back in August 2017, something that has been (thus far) a success. With the pubic (slowly) coming to terms with the idea of driverless cars will we soon see driverless fleets plying our roads? And if so, what are the benefits and what are the implications for fleet insurance and fleet insurance providers such as Getaquoteinsurance? Let’s take a look at these issues in turn.

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Published: 24/11/2016

Fleet Insurance: Big Changes In The Autumn Statement

Fleet Insurance: Changes in The Autumn Statement

The fleet car and business car sector has become a regular target for change in the Autumn Statement and 2016’s was no different.  In his speech, The Chancellor announced changes to the tax bands that surround fleet cars, to fleet insurance tax and to the way drivers fund their company cars. What do these changes mean for fleet and company car drivers though?  In this blog, we’ll look at the ramifications of these important changes for fleet managers and fleet car drivers.

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Published: 10/10/2016

Fleet Insurance 10 Easy Ways to Save-

Fleet Insurance: 10 Easy Ways to Save

No one wants to pay more for their fleet insurance than they absolutely have to. Be it a large fleet, mini fleet or van fleet, being able to keep the cost of fleet insurance down can make a real difference to a fleet’s affordability. Having spent many years as an independent insurance broker specialising in fleet policies, here at Getaquoteinsurance we’ve learnt a few things about how to save on your fleet insurance quotes and so here are our 10 easy ways to save on your policy.

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Published: 21/08/2016

Fleet Mobility: The Future of Fleet

Fleet Mobility: The Future of Fleet?

Barely a day goes by without one of the fleet publications talking about fleet mobility and how it, along with getting the right fleet insurance, can help reduce fleet running costs.  But what exactly is ‘fleet mobility’?  And how can fleet mobility help owners of fleet vehicles – be they mini-fleets or large scale company fleets – save money and time?  In this article we’ll look at these issues in turn and ask is fleet mobility the future of fleet?

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