Courier Insurance

Courier Insurance is a specialised area so why not speak to a Courier Insurance expert. You may, along with many drivers think you have the right cover from the internet, but this isn’t always true. Courier Insurance is more expensive than standard van insurance so to ensure you have the cover you need at the right price, speak to one of our experts.

As a courier, the work you are doing is classed as for ‘the carriage of goods for hire and reward’ meaning your earnings come directly from the transportation of the goods as is the case with a courier, a furniture removals company or as a haulage firm.

As you are also in and out of buildings with parcels, you should have courier’s public liability insurance in case you accidentally damage something or hurt someone as well as courier’s goods in transit insurance to protect against damage to the goods you are carrying.

Of course once you've bought your Courier Insurance policy, the service doesn't stop there. When you need us most in the event of a claim, we will do our utmost to get it settled as quick as possible with the least effect on your business.

  1. Why choose Coversure for your Courier Insurance?
  2. Coversure is a Courier Insurance specialist with over 25 years experience.  Our expert team of staff will ensure they find you the best Courier Insurance policies.
  3. Our Courier Insurance policies are tailored to meet your requirements; we treat you as an individual. We use our large panel of insurers to ensure we get you the best Courier Insurance to suit your needs.