Published: 23/09/2017

Fleet Insurance For Lorries And HGVs - All You Need To Know

Truck and Lorry Fleet Insurance - All You Need To Know…

While it would be fair to say that there’s a good deal of misunderstanding when it comes to car fleet insurance – many are surprised that fleet cover can be taken out on just 2 vehicles – it's as nothing when compared to lorry fleet insurance or truck fleet insurance

As a small or medium sized business owner whether they have considered taking out truck or lorry fleet insurance and they invariably reply that it’s not for them as they don’t have a huge number of lorries and other heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in need of cover.  But as with car fleet insurance, truck and lorry fleet insurance can be for them as it’s a far more flexible type of cover than you might think…

Five Facts About Truck and Lorry Fleet Insurance

  1. It’s available to anyone with more than 3 vehicles in need of insurance

  2. It can cover more than just HGVs, trucks and lorries – it can cover cars, skip carries, gritters, flatbed trucks, refrigerated vehicles etc., etc.

  3. Truck fleet insurance cover can save even small businesses money and time

  4. It can cover vehicles from 7.5 tonne right up to 44 tonnes articulated lorries

  5. Coversure’s truck and lorry fleet Insurance comes with flexible payment options, making it even more affordable

What Are The Benefits of Truck and Lorry Fleet Insurance?

From small businesses with a mixed fleet of three vehicles, right up to large hauliers and plant hire companies, the benefits of truck and lorry fleet insurance can be substantial:

  • Save money – insuring your vehicles on a single fleet insurance policy can save you money
  • Save time - insuring your vehicles on a single fleet insurance policy can save you time as you’ll have a single policy to manage and a single renewal date to remember
  • Added flexibility – fleet insurance cover means you can have a number of named drivers or even any driver on the policy – handy if you need various employees to drive a range of vehicles – and vehicles can be added to the policy or changed to suit your needs
  • Policy excess options – if you’re looking to save money on your truck or lorry fleet insurance, then you can specify a higher excess (the amount you pay in the event of a claim). Alternatively, if you have a good insurance claim record you can specify a lower excess.
  • Cover for hazardous trades and other difficult insurance risks – insurers are pretty accommodating when it comes to the trades of those seeking lorry and truck fleet insurance and won’t be put off if you need to carry hazardous loads as part of your business
  • Public liability insurance – as a truck or lorry operator, having public liability insurance in place makes a lot of sense and this can be incorporated into your truck fleet insurance policy, saving you more money and time.

Which Truck Fleet Insurance Extras Are Worth Considering?

Given your business either revolves around or involves the transport of goods, the following policy extras are well worth adding to your policy.  Generally speaking they are highly affordable options that give great peace of mind for a small premium:

  • Goods in transit insurance – this will insure any loads you are carrying, something that is not typically covered by standard truck or lorry fleet insurance
  • Public liability insurance – should the worst happen and your truck or lorry is involved in an accident, injures someone or damages someone’s property then public liability insurance cover will offer you protection against potentially costly legal action
  • Excess protection insurance - this covers you against the cost of your insurance excess should you need to make a claim as a result of a fault accident
  • Breakdown cover – a broken down truck is a real headache. It’s costing you money while it’s off the road and it can be costly to arrange a breakdown service.  Adding breakdown insurance cover to your truck fleet policy is a sensible option
  • European truck cover – for some lorry and HGV operators this isn’t so much an option as a necessity, but if you are planning to look into European driving or do occasional business there it could be worth looking into

Like to Know More About Truck And Lorry Fleet Insurance?

Hopefully this article has made truck and lorry fleet insurance clearer for you and given you some ideas on how you can save on your HGV and truck fleet insurance. If you have any queries, or would like some specific help, then please contact the fleet insurance team today.  You can call us on free on 0800 977 6037 or email us by clicking here.