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Published: 30/09/2017

Truck Insurance - Great Ways To Save Money

Great Ways To Save On HGV & Truck Insurance

Owning and running a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) or truck is an expensive business these days. Many of these costs – such as road tax and fuel – are ones that truck owners can do little about, but truck insurance is something they can affect savings on.  In this blog we’ll give you the insider’s guide to saving money on your HGV and truck insurance so you can keep your truck or HGV on the road for less.

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Published: 23/09/2017

Fleet Insurance For Lorries And HGVs - All You Need To Know

Truck and Lorry Fleet Insurance - All You Need To Know…

While it would be fair to say that there’s a good deal of misunderstanding when it comes to car fleet insurance – many are surprised that fleet cover can be taken out on just 2 vehicles – it's as nothing when compared to lorry fleet insurance or truck fleet insurance

As a small or medium sized business owner whether they have considered taking out truck or lorry fleet insurance and they invariably reply that it’s not for them as they don’t have a huge number of lorries and other heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in need of cover.  But as with car fleet insurance, truck and lorry fleet insurance can be for them as it’s a far more flexible type of cover than you might think…

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Published: 19/04/2017

Telematics For Trucks: A License To Save Money In 2017

Telematics For Trucks: A License To Save Money In 2017  

In the competitive world that is running a fleet of trucks or a haulage business, the ability to save money can be the difference between surviving and thriving.  One way that lorry operators are increasingly looking to is telematics for trucks.  Telematics – the method of capturing and interpreting a truck’s data electronically – can help you save on a range of business-critical areas, including truck insurance, fuel and even time. 

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