Published: 02/01/2016

The right insurance gives peace of mind for owners of empty commercial properties

Just because a commercial building is empty and locked up, doesn’t mean the owner can afford to stop being vigilant.

Unused buildings remain susceptible to many risks including fire, break-in and vandalism, and unless owners take proper precautions, it may affect their insurance claims in the event of an incident.

Here are some reasonable steps that all owners can take to keep their property secure and within the terms of their insurance policies...

As a minimum, secure external doors with locks to BS 3621: Specification for Thief Resistant Locks or equivalent standard, or padlocks to Security Grade 5 or 6 of BS EN 12320: Building Hardware – padlocks and padlock fittings.

Protect vulnerable windows by boarding with minimum 18mm thick exterior grade plywood, shutters or proprietary steel or polymer screens. Maintain perimeter security fencing.

Existing intruder alarms should remain in service and be maintained. Appoint a responsible person to manage the property while unoccupied. Ensure that keys are strictly controlled.

Carry out documented inspections at least weekly and establish procedures to remedy any issues arising.

Coversure’s unoccupied property, commercial policies, are the perfect solution for businesses or landlords who are responsible for empty commercial properties.

Coversure has policies to cover:

  • UK Holiday Homes
  • Let Property
  • Student Lets
  • DSS Lets
  • Asylum Seekers
  • Bedsits
  • Unoccupied Residential Properties
  • Overseas Property
  • Tenants Contents