Published: 24/01/2016

How to avoid storing up trouble in a warehouse

TV footage of crews of firefighters trying to bring massive plumes of flame and smoke under control is every warehouse operator’s worst nightmare.

We may associate them more with riskier businesses such as storage of hazardous materials, for example chemicals. But, as a major blaze in June temporarily shut down the Asos plant in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, demonstrated, even supposedly safer businesses like clothes retailers are prone to large scale fires.

All warehouses are packed full of working electrical and other components that are susceptible to fire. As many operate round the clock, the threat of a potentially disastrous fire is always present.

These simple seven steps can help businesses reduce the risk of a warehouse fire...


  • Make sure fire exits are marked clearly
  • Follow all fire extinguisher laws
  • Have clear exit strategies made available to your workers
  • Provide fire drills routinely
  • Remove electrical cords from under carpets
  • Check for leaks in containers holding flammable gasses and liquids
  • Replace worn and exposed wires

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