Replacement Vehicle Insurance

  • Replacement vehicle arranged & paid for, if yours is undriveable or written off, due to:
  • Theft, or attempted theft
  • Fire damage
  • Vehicle vandalism / criminal damage
  • Vehicle interference
  • At fault accident
  • Added extras:
  • 24hr Helpline
  • Eurolaw Legal Advice
  • Advice on personal legal issues under EU & UK law

Most people with fully comprehensive insurance cover think they automatically get a courtesy car after an accident, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Have you actually read all the way through your insurance policy wording to double check? It's better to find out now, than when you actually lose the use of your car.

If your vehicle is written off, your insurance company will pay out the total insured value of your vehicle, which for the vast majority of insurance companies, is the maximum they will pay out to you. They are unlikely to fork out anything extra to pay for a courtesy vehicle as they have already met their contractual liability to you.

If a courtesy car is available, it is normally paid for by the other third party's insurance, IF the third party was at fault. If this is not the case (for instance if your car was stolen), you could be left high and dry with no transport until you receive and cash your insurance cheque, and as we all know, insurance companies can take their time when it comes to paying out...

This is why we offer "Theft & Fault Protect" cover, and with prices starting from just £25 it represents great value.

Contact us today to speak to an advisor and cover yourself for all eventualities!