Prestige Motor

  • What benefits do I get from having Prestige Car Insurance?
  • Enhanced Courtesy Car
  • Optional Agreed Value
  • Comprehensive Driving Other Cars
  • Unlimited Windscreen Cover
  • Full Breakdown Cover as Standard
  • Free Uninsured Loss Recovery
  • And much much more …

Coversure offer motor insurance comparable to the leading, most exclusive policies on the motor insurance market. Our policies give us the flexibility to cover a broad range of vehicles from executives cars and personal fleets, to prestige motors, classic cars and performance vehicles. Our coverage of vehicles extends to include modern technologically advanced vehicles such as electric and hybrid vehicles.

We also cover a broad range of occupations, from business executives, right through to professional sports people and royalty. Across our policies we can cover any vehicle value – there is absolutely no maximum or minimum plus if you have a number of vehicles all at the same address, even if they are driven by family members or employees, we will make sure they are all covered under one multivehicle policy for convenience.

  1. Why use Coversure Insurance for your prestige motor insurance?
  2. We offer specialist insurance solutions with specialist covers for your prestige motor including enhanced benefits such as agreed value, breakdown as standard, like for like courtesy car.
  3. Our insurance professionals can ensure you have the covers you need and will tailor all insurance packages to your needs.
  4. Our range of insurers and products mean we will supply you with a one stop shop for all of your needs and provide you with an account manager who knows you as a person.