Wholesaler Insurance

  • Covers available include:
  • Office cover - for the administrative aspect of your business
  • Warehouse cover - for larger stock amounts
  • Business Interruption - carry on trading after a catastrophic event
  • All Stock Types including: and frozen food stocks
  • Theft attractive goods, such as phones and electronics etc.
  • Frozen food stocks
  • Liabilities - Cover for your employees, visitors & products
  • Goods in Transit - Cover for goods away from the premises

Looking to cover your Wholesale Business? With so many different aspects to your business you need to ensure you're covered when you need it.

One of the most important assets that you need to protect is your stock. The wholesale products that you provide to other businesses are what makes your business successful, so its essential that you ensure you have a Wholesale Insurance policy in place to cover any loss of stock, damage or theft.

Coversure have the experience to address all aspects of your business, both at, and away from your premises, so if it's a simple accident, a theft, or something more serious, such as a major flood or buildings claim, our policies can protect not only your assets but also your operations, enabling you to continue trading while any problem is addressed.

Protect your wholesale business against potential barriers and risks to your efficiency and productivity. Contact us today for a competitive Wholesale Insurance quote

  1. Why choose Coversure for your Wholesaler Insurance?
  2. Coversure are Wholesaler Insurance specialists with over 25 years experience our experienced team of staff dedicated to finding you the best Wholesaler Insurance policies.
  3. Wholesaler Insurance policies are tailored around your needs, we treat you as an individual. We use a large panel of trusted insurers to find you the very best cover.
  4. So for all your Wholesaler Insurance needs, talk to our trained professionals who are ready and waiting for your call.