Commercial Legal Insurance

  • What Does Commercial Legal Expenses Cover Me For?
  • Defence against health & safety prosecution
  • Employment disputes, compensation and awards
  • Property protection
  • Data protection
  • Contract Disputes
  • Debt Recovery
  • Personal Injury
  • and more

With ever increasing legislation coming into force each year, and litigation on the rise, it is becoming more and more important to defend yourself and your own business when it counts.

Legal expenses can also be utilised to enforce your rights, as sometimes protecting your business can mean initiating an action, for example if a contract is not honoured or payment is not made.

At Coversure, we have a number of different options for legal cover, to suit different requirements. For example, a landlord will want to have different needs addressed to a retail business or a tradesman.

Legal expenses insurance policies we provide offer variations of a range of options, including health and safety prosecution defence, employment disputes such as compensation and awards, property protection and debt recovery.

Our legal insurance policies can also offer protection in contract disputes, data protection issues and personal injury cases.

  1. Protecting yourself and your business is an essential measure, with legal action constantly growing and legislation constantly changing. Make sure that you are able to defend your business and yourself effectively with adequate legal cover.
  2. Contact us at Coversure to speak with one of our frendly professionals and get a quote for your legal insurance policy. If what you require is not listed in the checklist above, call us for free and friendly advice.