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Published: 27/05/2016

Using unrated insurers perilous

Following the announcement that Gable is looking into a sale and is unable to comply with Solvency II, Towergate CEO David Ross said the consolidator's management would be meeting today to discuss the best way forward for its deal with the insurer.

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Published: 08/09/2015

Put a Freeze on Winter Claims

With winter on the way and freezing conditions soon to be the norm for most of us, Andy Price, Managing Director of Coversure in Hull, offers homeowners and businesses advice on coping with these conditions. While the dangers from freezing conditions will vary across the region, most of us will be affected by freezing weather conditions at some point. With the Met Office already predicting a colder winter than last year, you’re better to be prepared. That way, a white winter will still be a trouble-free winter...

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Published: 25/06/2015

Do not leave it too late to get those essential maintenance jobs done on the house

With Summer in full swing, many of us will be using the better weather to enjoy the garden.

But now is also the perfect time to do some of those maintenance jobs on the house that could save you lots of money in the long run.

Even a cheap boiler can cost around £1,000, so replacing one can be an expensive business - as can calling out an engineer to repair it if it breaks down. You can save money over time by having your boiler regularly checked by an engineer.

Unless you clean your gutters regularly, it is easy for them to become blocked by leaves and dirt that runs off the roof. If you leave it too long between cleaning them, rain water can spill out into the walls resulting in a sky high bill to repair the stone. Take advantage of the sunshine and long nights to get those maintenance jobs done now before the cold weather sets in and it is too late...

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Published: 23/11/2009

Flood Advice

In the wake of the dreadful floods in Cumbria this week, Andrew Price, MD of Getaquote Insurance, urges local homeowners and businesses to be prepared.

We have all seen on the news what devastation a flood can bring. Water is relentless, and if you are in its way, there is nothing you can do to hold it back. If you are properly insured, you should be covered for the damage and repairs. When disaster strikes, insurers are very quick to set up additional phone lines and draft in staff to cope with the calls.

If you could be susceptible to this kind of damage, here are some top tips to help you make a plan. When the warning comes, you should be able to spring into action;

  • Keep important papers up-stairs, and make sure your insurance documents are close to hand
  • Keep a list of important phone numbers
  • If you have a store of sandbags, keep them where it’s easy to reach them when you get the warning
  • Locate any airbricks around the building. Lots of people sand-bag doors and forget the other routes in
  • Have an emergency pack ready. Include a torch, dry clothes, a flask, blankets, toiletries, first aid and water containers
  • Make sure mobiles are fully charged.
  • Have a plan, but be aware that safety comes first and that you should not take risks unnecessarily

Here are a few things to have in your plan

  • Turn Off the Electricity
  • Look out for the elderly and vulnerable. Make sure they are safe, and be prepared to call emergency services if you suspect they are in trouble
  • Move important furniture upstairs or to a higher part of the building, especially electrical items
  • If you have to evacuate, take care. Even a 12 inch current can knock you off your feet

Insurance can be considerably more costly in high risk areas. It pays to use a broker to help you to find the right cover for you. Brokers will look for the very best price for you without compromising on cover.

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